Chapter Meeting on Thursday, August 26

Chapter Meeting on Thursday, August 26 features Michael Peck, a prolific defense writer from Corvallis, Oregon, presenting “Drones, Computer Brains and Hackers: Warfare in the 21st Century”, discussing the future of warfare, including technological trends such as autonomous weapons, cyberwarfare and artificial intelligence

Michael Peck specializes in military technology, strategic issues and military history. He received both his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and his Master of Arts in Political Science from Rutgers University.

Currently, Peck is a contributing writer at Forbes, the editor of Uncommon Defense and a Senior Analyst for Wikistrat, a geostrategraphic analysis and business consultancy that maintains a network of hundreds of academics, consultants, journalists, and retired government and military personnel. Wikistrat runs simulations of likely international events, unfolding global trends, future conflicts and crisis scenarios as well as conducting strategic planning exercises.

Numerous publications have featured Peck including Foreign Policy Magazine, The National Interest, Slate, Defense News, National Defense Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Huff Post and many more.

Some of his most recent pieces include:

Speaker Michael Peck will be joined by Dr. Mark G. Grzegorzewski, Director of Graduate Programs at the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) and a former intelligence analyst, who will participate in-person and serve as moderator and discussion partner.

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