AFIO Florida Suncoast Chapter

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Land O' Lakes, FL 34639-9625


The Suncoast Chapter of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) is pleased that you've visited this site. If you are a current member of the National organization of AFIO in McLean, Virginia, and live in the Florida Suncoast area, we invite your participation in this local Chapter. If you are not a member, but are interested in US intelligence and security activities, we invite you to attend one of our meetings and then, hopefully, become a member of the National organization and the Florida Suncoast AFIO.

The chapter was established in the Tampa Bay area in 1977 to accommodate "former intelligence officers". Several evolutions have occurred during the past 30 years both here and at AFIO National in Washington, D.C. The term "intelligence officers" has been expanded to include counterintelligence and security professionals. We include many members who are currently active intelligence and security professionals. With that cast of characters, our Florida Suncoast AFIO roster now includes over 90 intelligence and security professionals.. Members travel from as far as Punta Gorda to the south, Ocala to the north, and Lakeland to the east. Membership includes all five armed services, FBI, DIA, NSA, US State Department, Florida law enforcement agencies and the CIA.


Because many of our Florida Suncoast AFIO members enjoy their summers in the northern states, our chapter meetings are scheduled for October, December, February and April. We try to schedule our meetings on the second Tuesday of the month and usually at the MacDill AFB Surf's Edge Club. We are always on the alert for "speakers of opportunity" that may be available to lecture at ad hoc events other than our regular meetings.


Chapter meetings are enjoyable and informative. A social period with refreshments is typically scheduled before lunch at 11:30 a.m. After a short opening ceremony at high noon, lunch is served. Next a guest speaker with pertinent intelligence or security related topics talks for about twenty to thirty minutes. Questions and answers usually follow the talk. Our speakers enjoy an atmosphere of "non-attribution". We frequently enjoy information and discussions not otherwise available to the public. Our luncheon meetings are well attended by as many as 70 members, spouses and guests. Although increased security measures prevail at MacDill AFB, we are able to arrange for our members and invited guests to gain access to the MacDill military facility on meeting dates.


Florida Suncoast AFIO members occasionally participate with local colleges and universities that offer intelligence and security related courses. We encourage Chapter members to monitor classes or contribute material from their personal experiences. We invite students who are pursuing studies in US intelligence, security, or foreign relations to attend our luncheon meetings so they can benefit from the experiences and knowledge of our speakers and chapter members. The Chapter also has an active program that awards scholarship to local students in cooperation with AFIO National's scholarship programs.


If you are interested in attending a chapter meeting, please contact the Chapter Secretary or any of the Chapter officers listed below.

AFIO Principles and Objectives

AFIO Chapters are fully autonomous groups supported and chartered by AFIO National Headquarters to conduct activities in consonance with current AFIO bylaws, principles and educational objectives. Through meetings, publications and scholarships, Chapter members and Associate members serve to maintain and strengthen professional and collegiate bonds.

AFIO members subscribe to the US intelligence community’s core values of patriotism, excellence, integrity, dedication and loyalty. By understanding the history of intelligence from its ancient world underpinnings to twenty-first century wizardry, AFIO’s key objectives and principles are to support today’s needs and foster forward thinking for:

  • A strong and responsible national intelligence establishment able to manage growing threats and issues in today’s globally intertwined environment.
  • Understanding of the intellectual, political, business and public communities for an effective and cohesive national intelligence infrastructure.
  • Strategies in intelligence operations that support leaders at the local, state and federal levels as they make timely security decisions.
  • Stimulation of interest in the career needs of US Intelligence and its contractors, among a wide range of students at high schools and universities around the country.
  • Execution of effective national policies that advance the defense and security of the country, its citizens and its allies.

AFIO Suncoast Chapter Officers

President Gary Gorsline GaryG@SuncoastAFIO.org
Vice President Jay Michlin JayM@SuncoastAFIO.org
Secretary Michael F. Shapiro MichaelS@SuncoastAFIO.org
Treasurer Bill Brown BillB@SuncoastAFIO.org
Assistant SecretaryLauren SingerLaurenS@SuncoastAFIO.org